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Organize your PDF Books and find them in seconds :)

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Mh51 Organize your PDF Books and find them in seconds :)

Hi there members of the English Club , today i want to tell you about this beautiful library organizer i searched for lately. The thing is i wanted a small software that organizes my pdf books library and stuffs them in the same way they can be organized in a university digital liibrary. so, i shall give you the site first then tell you about the advantages of having this software:

1. The Software is very small and it takes no time in getting installed
2. It stores your Pdf ebooks in a beautiful and organized way
3. It helps you find the cover of the Ebook in case you have a scanned book (in which there is no cover) in case you are asking yourselves now 'How it does that?' i shall answer you : by connecting to the internet and searching through google books and Amazon ( i find this really amazing)
4. It helps you store the Ebooks' information like the year of publication, the publishing company, and the number of pages (this is is REALLY helpfull to research writers) it does that through the same process i explained in 3

5. in case you want a specific book in your library you have only to type the title or the authors' name (i tell you in seconds it shows you the ebook)

6. it stores the data base in your documents' file

Now as to the Disadvantages of the software:

i find that it does not categorize the books; i mean for instance if i want to creat a category of kitchen books i cannot create it; all the books are stored together, though you find them easily. This means that in case you desinstalled the software; your books will stay in your documents ' file but they will be mixed. This is so far the only disadvantage i could find about this software i am introducing to you today ...

i Hope it helps you especially students of university ( i know how messy things can be) . I wish you all the Best in your carriers enjoy the moment and have a good day all !!!


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قديم 2013-09-25, 15:44   رقم المشاركة : 2
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hi zineb
well am sure that many people need this software, so thank you for sharing
we hope to see more of your topics
my regards ^^

رد مع اقتباس
قديم 2013-11-05, 14:19   رقم المشاركة : 3
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رد مع اقتباس
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