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When you feel like it - 14

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افتراضي When you feel like it - 14

The weekend was over and I was back at work on Monday. And if you think I was bitter, you haven't* seen* nothing. I arrived at work with my heart full of grief. I had cried in bed all through the weekend.I rushed through the locker room to* change to my uniform.When my boss called me* I thought he wanted to talk about my attitude. But he asked me to take care of the reception area.

"What do you mean? I'm a nurse I'm not one of the admin staff" I said looking him straight in the face.

"Well, in case you haven't noticed Melissa, we are short staffed"

The joys of working in a state* hospital! I decided* to call the cleaning lady to start mopping the floor before patients started floading in.I tried to tell her to speed up her pace but it was now time to start giving patients files. I started* organizing the queue as people were pushing each other.

I had never been around the reception area in the morning. And didn't have a clue what really goes down. I mean it is hectic. Some woman in her fake stilettos* came passing exactly where the floor was wet. She fell flat straight and was struggling to get up with her shoes on. I moved over and gave her my hand to try and help her get up. She called me the "b" word while pulling* me down with the hand I offered* her.

Next thing I knew we were wrestling each other on the floor. Everything* started flashing up in my head.I sat on her stomach and gave her some slaps.The thoughts rushing in mind. I studied to become a nurse not a cleaner. I thought to myself as tears filled my eyes.My boss* came rushing and called me to his office immediately.

" I can't handle this Melissa! it's bad enough having to deal with your attitude everyday. Now you're beating up patients?" Said my boss, furious

"She start...."

"I don't want to hear anything from you"

He silenced me before I could tell him she's the one who started it

"I'm taking this matter to the HR department."


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