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Learning english using coursera site

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افتراضي Learning english using coursera site

Peace be upon you
Most of sites to learn english teach you the standard english, but when you come to apply it in your study field you face some problems like lack of technical vocabularies, and how to use them in writing an essay or research paper.
coursera.org offers modules in many technical and non technical fields (arts, humanities, science, business, technology, ********s, math, .....etc), and every field has many sub-fields.
you can freely sign in and access all the courses, but if you want to pass the final exam and get the certificate you need to pay the fees and purchase.
The courses are very simple and organized, and provided by well known universities.
This site was very beneficial for me, and i hope it will be beneficial for you as well.
If anyone knows more informations about this site or similar sites, welcome to interact here.

Peace be upon you


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Hello, I'm a teacher and I know how hard it can be for a student to learn a foreign ********. Sometimes, students just say that are facing Catch 22 in economics and that is why they fail to become great creative writers and earn selling the stories they create. But it's not the reason. I was rather pathetic myself trying to sell my first novel 2 years ago. The Power of Creativity by Brian Collins showed me where I was wrong in my narrative perspectives and when I should have thrown away my first draft.
My editor https://essaydune.com/ for college topics.

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coursera.org is avery useful site. it contains a lot of helpful courses in many fields. every one should give it a try

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