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When Angels Die

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أدوات الموضوع انواع عرض الموضوع
قديم 2023-07-17, 00:11   رقم المشاركة : 1
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الصورة الرمزية Black_Poison


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افتراضي When Angels Die

When even words have let me down
Though they are the only things I own
When in my sorrow I slowly drown...
Beneath all promises I'm left alone
When I'm done and I put down my crown
Like the moonless night dies for the dawn
When I'm gotten then simply forgotten
When life forgets to move on ..
Is it the end?

I've built my castle on the clouds
Forgetting rain one day would fall
Ignoring Thunder's storming sounds
Forgetting one day I'd lose it all
The castle fell crashing on the ground
Under my tears the world turned small
Was I mistaken when I was taken?
And now that I'm standing tall
Do I pretend?

I wish I never learned to read your eyes
Maybe I'd keep believing in your lies
All my cries until the tear dries
Cuz tonight is when my angel dies

I wish I never learned to read your voice
And this paths would've never been a choice
And my sun has set to never rise
Cz tonight is when my angel dies

Dear homeless soul of mine
Drunk of every cup of grief
Neither living nor alive
Counting days to your relief
Are you the one killing time
Or time is killing your beliefs
Let the wind deliver your sighs
Today we are the fallen leaf

I wish I never learned to read your tears
And all these wounds would disappear
I'm alone, and lost in paradise
Cuz tonight is when my angel dies...


رد مع اقتباس
قديم 2024-01-05, 15:10   رقم المشاركة : 2
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thanks for you

رد مع اقتباس
إضافة رد

أدوات الموضوع
انواع عرض الموضوع

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