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You Love English? Shame on you! Essay

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New1 You Love English? Shame on you! Essay

It was a hot summer day, I was twelve years old, and I fell in love at first sight. Or in this case, at first word. Middle school was where we met. I was a good student and four years later I began to read. I loved reading. So I went to the library, and like all Algerian libraries, the books are the least interesting, and none of those was in English. I was a teenager . The world was a dark place. There was no English books in it.
Once I discovered the Internet, our relationship became more evolved. I could download all the books I wanted. I could watch, listen, read, and soon enough I was breathing English. It was the best relationship ever. Because I wasn’t greedy, I wanted to share my lover with the world. I tried to make friends. For a long period of time no one was interested. So I went online. I joined book clubs, English forums, chartrooms. I met a lot of interesting people and learned so much more. It was fun, for a while. Most of them did not share my culture, I was uncomfortable, so I tried my luck with the real world. I should have known better. I remember I was once reading a book, it was about English literature, and a group of girls ganged up on me and started to make fun of me. They said I was being arrogant and I believed I was better than them. I was, I knew how to read and they didn’t. It’s that simple, dah! So I learned that my lover was not welcome in our society. Tough, but true.
They say if you don’t like the world you live in, build one. That’s exactly what I did. I surrounded myself with English everywhere. My phone, laptop, calendar, journal are all English. My brain is too. The more emerged I got into that world, the less connected I became with the real one. I am human so I do wish to have a friend to talk to about my lover. Whenever I feel lonely I do try to find someone. It never works because if a girl is interested in English it would only be on a surface level. At least the girls I knew did. I was shamed my whole life for being different. They say I am a traitor because I love a lan guage other than my mother tongue. There are those times when I start speaking and I forget the word in Arabic and then try to translate it, from English! Guess the looks I get when that happens. The real world is such a funny place, ha! Anyone who is fluent in a different lang uage goes through that, the brain gets mixed up sometimes, it happens. That doesn’t mean I am a traitor.
English is just a hobby, like football. Sometimes a hobby consumes the person and they forget things. It happens. I am not my English. I am a proud Algerian who loves every tradition there is about my culture. I learned English but not how to be English. I don’t live by their rules like everyone expect me to be. I am a Muslim. I love the gossip, the daily routines where you mop the floor right before your brother walks in and draws mud all over it, the food, the hijab, the dry boring weather, and above all I adore my Algeria.
If English is my first love, my Algeria is me. I will always put me first. I am selfish like that. So don’t shame me for being in love with English, it’s just a part of who I am. I believe if we have a chance to develop our Algeria, English is the key. If we wanna play on an international level, English is a necessity. So I am not a traitor, I am working so hard to make Algeria better by making myself learn all there is to know about the world. And guess what? I need English for that. So what are you doing besides judging me? Nothing, hah?

Hello friends, I hope you enjoy reading a piece of my mind. What do you think about the topic? Do you agree or disagree? Have you ever experienced something like this? I wish you a beautiful day!


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*I agree with your Thoughts and I feel as you felt I became I crazy because of English ,ofen I* speak with my self in English and so* relatted with the English speaker*
In the end I wish to speak anglish fluently some day and thanks for your topic*

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